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  I am the artist and owner of potterybyjamd.com.  Here is a little info on my journey in life.

  I am a current resident and a local artist of Dracut Ma. I was a late bloomer in my love of ceramics. Started in 1972 when I met Ron Z in high school an avid potter who inspired me to start throwing clay .While attending Dracut high school for two years I would always be at the potter’s wheel.  Then after high school Ron Z joined the USAF and I did not see or hear from him again for 45 years. After that summer my life as potter subsided for many years but deep down in my soul I knew I would return to pottery.


  Throughout my life my love of nature has inspired me in many ways. Always seeing and feeling deeply the forms and shapes nature so willingly shares with us all. My life headed in another direction. I became an I.S.A. certified arborist and steward of trees for the town of Dracut. I found art being so close to trees , I was able to understand their intricacies and beauty from seedling to a state champion tree. My art remerged with the nurturing from mother nature while attending U-Mass. Lowell for 3 semesters in Ceramics and sculpture. Once again I started producing art locally here in Dracut Massachusetts.


   After many years of minor art projects my life takes another major swing when I meet Yari Livan.  I knew I needed to meet Yari. So one day I go to his studio where he is carving a lentil for his wood kiln. I watch him carving for a couple of hours not a word is said. Finally he says would you like an ice tea?  I said sure. What brings you here Yari says.  I respond that I am interested in ceramics. He tells me about a class he is teaching at Middlesex community college and encourages me to enroll. One class at Middlesex and a great friendship was born. I have been blessed by studying and working under Yari for the past 6 years. He is a master Cambodian Ceramicist who has taught me discipline and dedication to my art. Thus bringing it and me too an entire new level and love for clay. That is how pottery by jamd was born.


Wheel thrown or hand built pottery. First I create them, then I turn them into art. The mud now flows deep in my veins.  I get great pleasure taking a lump of clay and turning it into something beautiful that other people can enjoy. Visit our Gallery page to view some of my work.

The two people who inspired me in my art development are Ron Z and Yari. My friendship with Ron Z has also been rekindled within the last year, he still makes pottery. I owe all of this                            to my loving wife two children and one grandchild

                           that encourage and put up with me. If you cannot be a poet,

                                               be the poem. ~David Carradine



                To contact me you can send a  text to  978-935-0073   

Thanks   John Kondra…….



wood fired, wheel thrown  Jar with cover created by John Kondra, Local Artist Dracut Ma. wood fired  bottle vase created by John Kondra local artist Dracut Ma. wood fired art created byJohn Kondra at Pottery by Jamd wheel thrown and designed created byJohn Kondra at Pottery by Jamd